Tensility - Cable Bending Radius

When searching for the bending radius for Tensility’s cables, the following information may help.

As an example, for part number 30-01035:


Tensility confirms that typically the bend radius is around 6x the diameter of the wire. Below is the statement regarding the bend radius of their wires:

“The 5 to 6 times the OD is based on the IEC standard. The specific conditions in which the customer plans to use the wire/cable may affect the bend radius. For example, colder environments will make the wire/cable stiffer, resulting in a larger bend radius. We generally leave validation up to the customer to test it under their expected planned usage conditions, since measuring the “Flexibility” of something is very subjective to an individual.”

Tensility recommends, when you are unsure if a cable will work for you, purchasing a one-meter test length of cable and putting it through testing in your conditions rather than relying on specifications alone to make a determination.

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