The Value of a Third Party Service Provider

We all know Digi-Key is a prime choice for physical products: our product category lists 14.9 million components for sale from over 2,400 suppliers. And we’re not done! Digi-Key is expanding our line card to carry the products, technologies, and suppliers you need and want.

But what you may not know is that we provide so much more beyond physical products… our services and design providers can help compliment and complete your design. Examples include:

  • Design reviews to help you move your product closer to a certification.
  • Connecting you to a design house that specializes in your technology.
  • Bringing your warehouse into an automated and efficient state.
  • Referrals for board assembly houses in your local area.
  • And more!

Read on for a sampling of what services and referrals Digi-Key offers to make your engineering life easier.

Design and Manufacturing Services

Digi-Key maintains a list of 450+ businesses that offer design and manufacturing services for customers that need help beyond the free general engineering support that Digi-Key provides. These providers can be hired to help turn a concept into a physical design, troubleshoot issues, or provide detailed support.

The database of providers are categorized so you can search by various aspects:

  • Specialties ranging from industries served such as Telecommunications, Transportation, Food and Beverage, IoT and more.
  • Focus suppliers including Analog Devices, Microchip, NXP Semiconductor, Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and others.
  • Locating a supplier based on the need such as hardware, mechanical, software or technology.

Designs going Pro and needing help for the certification process

FCC certification is not cheap.

According to a Linx Technologies article, the certification can cost about $7,000 with extra regions adding onto the cost (Europe can cost an extra $15,000!). Failed designs are subject to not only going through all the testing again, but also writing additional checks for each testing procedure.

But there’s hope! Companies who are need to pass certification testings do not have to go at it alone. SparkFun recently wrote an excellent blog about their experience getting the Artemis module FCC certified. A 3rd party provider helped them with all the necessary paperwork and testing regulations so the design was polished when it went for agency approval.

F3 Wireless is a great example of a provider who can help an engineer move their design through testing by offering their RF engineers, services, and testing facilities to focus in on your design. It’s incredible how small issues - like antenna placement or even the type of connectors - can have an impact when it comes to passing testing certifications. Utilizing a reputable engineering service will help you provide save time and money in the long run.

Services for Warehouse Design, Implementation, and Maintenance

Digi-Key now features a list of certified subject matter experts in the Industrial Automation space – called Integrators – that provide a various array of services including the design, support, and implementation of warehouse solutions. These services help streamline and modernize production capabilities using many of the Industrial Automation products available at Digi-Key.

Don’t forget that Digi-Key offers additional services including Value Add Services (we call 'em Product Services) as well as programs to help make procurement easier (Digital Solutions).

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