DigiKey Value-Add Services and Custom Capabilities

DigiKey provides Value-Added and Custom Services. These services help customers accelerate time-to-market and reduce total cost of ownership by reducing product design, assembly and development time by tapping into the expertise and resources of DigiKey’s technical and product distribution teams. This is a loaded page, please use quick find (Ctrl + F) to locate specifics.

DigiKey offers the following Value-Added & Custom Services:

  • Automation Control and System Integrators: List of service providers that provide fee-based system integration services including design, installation, deploying and maintenance. Click here for more information

  • Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services: Global network of firms to provide fee-based services including design, development and manufacturing of your concept, product or service

  • Programmed Oscillators: DigiKey is capable of programming a wide variety of oscillators from numerous manufacturers. Simply add your desired frequency in to the web ordering notes or select from readily available frequencies. Feel free to contact our Programmable Oscillators section on our TechForum as well to inquire or request custom frequencies. Click here for additional resource

  • Digi-Reels: A Value-Add custom quantity reel of continuous cut-tape made from a larger manufacturer’s reel by adding an 18 inch leader and a trailer to the cut tape, then rewound onto a plastic reel according to Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) standards. This is especially helpful to customers who use a pick and place machine to build boards but do not have the usage to warrant a full factory sized reels. -There is no minimum order quantity, so whether you require one single part or one thousand; we can create the Digi-Reel you need!

  • Digi-Spools: Similar to cut-tape form, custom lengths of heat shrink, hook-up wire, and multiconductor cable for a few select parts. You can order them in specific length increments, which will be called out in the part’s description - ‘FEET’ for parts sold by the foot or ‘METER’ for parts sold by the meter. Click here for additional information

  • Consolidated Shipping: Multiple orders can be combined into several larger boxes, mitigating shipping cost and volume

  • Special Prepack Requests: We can do special prepack requests through our custom orders department if you need certain parts bagged together in separate kits one time, or it can be set it up as a kit so you can reorder the custom assigned part number for the kit and get the same parts every time

  • Part Tracing: Printed part tracing ID on the backside of cut tape strips allow convenient traceability and identification. Click here for more information

  • Media Transfer Service: Value Add capability to transfer products from original factory packaging into other preferred packaging types. Click here for more information

  • Header Trimming: We have the ability to cut down many types of male and female headers to custom position lengths per each customer order. Single and dual row headers are available in many pin counts including through hole, right angle, and surface mount

  • Programming: DigiKey’s programming center offers support for more than 100,000 devices across 100 suppliers in all package variants. We continually strive to support new devices. DigiKey offers custom programming services for a wide variety of microcontroller, oscillators, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, PLD, CPLD, and FPGA products from several different manufacturers programmed to customer specifications
    In addition to custom programming, IC labeling, ink dotting with several color options, and custom reels are also available. A note at the top of a product detail page indicates the part can be programmed by DigiKey. New enhancements and device support options are being added on a continual basis. For more information on DigiKey custom programming please contact Custom Programming Services page or email custom.orders@digikey.com. This TechForum post may also help answer questions

  • Custom Packaging
    Products can be packaged in all standard packaging types including tape and reel, cut tape, tube, tray, and bulk. DigiKey offers a custom reeling (CRL) service, in which we repackage non-tape packaged products onto a carrier tape reel with a leader and trailer

  • Code Protection
    Many embedded devices have hardware copy protection schemes by which firmware programmed into a device may be executed internally but is not readable or easily duplicated. If your device has code protection features, they can be enabled on first article orders, production orders, or both

  • Serialization
    This is the process of writing unique data to each individual device as a subset of the common data pattern. Serialization is used to not only program basic serial numbers, but encompasses other unique data items, such as MAC address, encryption keys, GUIDs, randomization seeds, etc.

  • Labeling
    DigiKey offers a labeling service where the top side of an IC has a customized thermal protected label attached

  • Custom Ink Dotting
    DigiKey offers an ink dotting service in which the top side of larger ICs, Modules, Encoders, etc are marked with a dot in a variety of different colors including red, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, and silver

  • Custom Printed Circuit Boards Produce custom PCB’s through DKRed using our PCB Builder Tool. Turn your gerbers into printed circuit boards with our PCB Builder configurator. DKRed is an option within our PCB builder to offer a low-cost and quick turn option to those who need a printed circuit board for their design. DKRed came about when customers voiced that they needed a premium yet cost-effective option

  • Custom Modular & RF Cable Assembly: A wide variety of custom, multi-manufacturer cable assemblies, in addition to standard cable assemblies. We also have a Taoglas Custom RF Cable Builder

  • Custom Antenna Builder: Taoglas Antenna Builder

  • RF Coax Cable Builder: Customizable coax cables with options for connectors, cable type and length. Click here to get started!

  • Custom Ribbon Cable Length & Stripping: DigiKey does have custom ribbon cable lengths based from our Digi-Spool Selection (enter quantity length in feet or meter), and the capability of stripping flat ribbon cable in our Value-Add department. Example of the pre-strips we offer are Cables, Wires | Flat Ribbon Cables | DigiKey . For a custom ribbon request, please contact custom.orders@digikey.com to see if they can accommodate you.

  • Custom Fans and Harnesses: Over 180 different Fan Custom Cables, based on customer drawings

  • Cal Test Electronics Custom Test Lead Builder Tool: Create custom-to-order test lead cable assemblies with Cal Tests easy-to-use tool - without the custom price tag or minimum order quantity requirement. Build your cable from a variety of connectors and wire specifications, ensuring that your test lead meets your specific requirements.

  • Heat Shrink: In-stock heat shrink parts, cut to requested lengths and quantities
    available in many styles and colors. We offer lengths down to ½” and up to 3 inch supplied diameter, possibly more

  • Flat Flex Cable & Assemblies: We offer the ability to cut down, label, terminate pins, and attach connectors to accommodate a customer’s request. The majority of terminated cables feature contacts and housings from TE Connectivity. These cables typically are available in .050” and .100” pitch. We can make them with plastic receptacles or with solder tabs. View readily made assemblies here or email custom.orders@digikey.com with your request

  • Pre-Crimped Wire Leads: DigiKey offers a wide variety of already assembled options for Molex and Hirose jumper cables featuring a wide range of series, sizes, lengths and colors

  • Rectangular Cable Assemblies: Discrete assemblies including single ended (flying leads), double ended, stripping, tinning, heat shrink and labeling. Click here for more information

  • Battery: Battery packs are welded in several configurations with shrink-wrap and different termination options. NiMH packs need a thermistor (customer choice) for overheat protection (thermal cycling/runaway). Wire orientation can be chosen and we are able to add wire leads and connectors. Custom packs are proprietary to that original customer. DigiKey also provides single cell batteries with welding tabs on the ends

  • Modified Enclosures: Standard off the shelf enclosures modified to your design when a standard enclosure isn’t exactly what you need. DigiKey can modify designs for the ideal enclosure solution. Should you require some assistance specifying your enclosure, DigiKey’s technical and design professionals will share their expertise to help determine which enclosure would best fit your needs. These modifications may include machining, hot stamping, metal stamping, silk screening, engraving, special colors & sizes, custom materials, holes, cut-outs, tapping and countersinking, pressed-in hardware (studs, standoffs, etc.), pre-installed accessories and direct printing. Rack modification is also available including rack assembly

    -Please Send the request to modenclosures@digikey.com
    Make sure to include your name, phone number, company name (or Customer Number). Please include a dimensional drawing. It can be cad .stp .igs. dwg .dxf .pdf. Artwork files for silk screening and direct printing, adobe illustrator is preferred but please check with this team as this may have changed. Unfortunately, modenclosures@digikey.com does not quote the din rail requests

  • DIN Rail: DIN rail product cut to length features DIN rail from American Electrical Inc. Available in slotted and unslotted top hat styles we offer lengths cut to the nearest inch. See DigiKey Value Add Capabilities > Custom length DIN Rail for further information

  • LED Binning: By placing your LED binning code requirements in your order notes or by contacting our technical team we are able to provide the binning requirements you need or let you know what codes we have in stock

  • Access to 3M Custom Products: 3M custom-cut products match 3M technologies to your requirements with the exact form, fit, and functionality you need. Whether laminating adhesives to substrates, precision or die cutting, slitting, or spooling and level winding, 3M custom-cut products are engineered to meet your precise specifications and manufacturing needs. Tracking labels with high-temperature-resistant facestock withstand harsh conditions of wave solder and reflow in PCB assembly. For PC card assembly, make a high-strength bond in seconds with die-cut bonding film. During manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, protective tape shields LCDs against marring that can interfere with readability. For heat sink attachment, provide an efficient thermal interface with thermally conductive pressure sensitive adhesive tape
    DigiKey offers quotes on secondary services; for more information or additional assistance regarding Molex custom assemblies, please see Molex Custom Cable Creator tool or contact molex@digikey.com. For more information on 3M available options or if you need assistance, contact CustomCut.3MProducts@digikey.com. Please send outline dimensional drawings to the aforementioned e-mail address

  • Custom or non-standard Manufacturer Products: If you know a part number we don’t normally carry from a manufacturer that is on our Manufacturer Line Card, use our Special Order Form (non-catalog request) Link to get started with a quote

  • We are able to customize almost anything that we carry to your requirements, please reach out for further information or ask on this TechForum!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all cut tape parts be put on Digi-Reels?

Generally speaking, yes. Most times a Digi-Reel packaging will be listed on our website. Some ‘taped’ items such as contacts are not available for Digi-Reels because there is no actual cut tape paper/plastic to attach leaders or trailers. If there is a part in question, contact DigiKey and we can check to see if we can do the value-add process for you.

Can Digi-Reels be made on static sensitive cut tape strips?


Will all of the cut-tape or bulk items ordered come from the same original manufacturer reel, or are they from multiple or assorted batches?

In your quote or order notes, make sure you specify and request a “Continuous Strip” if one continuous tape strip is required. If the Value-Add group cannot acquire your cut-tape quantity from one larger manufacturer reel, customer service would contact you for further options before shipping. You can also specify steps for us to take in the event pieces are acquired from different reels or lot codes, as otherwise an ordered quantity may come as one continuous strip or multiple smaller strips unless clarified on your order notes.

What is the turn around time for custom programmed parts?

Quote turn around in as little as 3 days. First article shipped in as soon as 3 business days. Schedule shipments to accommodate your production schedule. Custom part numbers allow you (and only you) to easily order additional programmed devices.

What is a DigiKey programmable custom part number?

A DigiKey silicon part number, specific programming file/configuration and device markings (if any) make a DigiKey custom part number.

How do I place a DigiKey programmed order?

Click here to contact our custom quote department for a quote and assistance in purchasing DigiKey product programmed with proprietary IP. Programmed oscillators are purchased from the DigiKey website and include your required operating frequency in the web order notes. SiTime Corporation oscillators do not require you to provide operating frequency to program.

What is a first article?

A first article is a programming verification process in which DigiKey ships a customer up to 10 pieces of a part programmed with code provided by the customer. The customer will then test and verify that the programming done by DigiKey works in their application and sign a First Article Agreement form for DigiKey to proceed with their production order.

Can DigiKey program products that have a ‘Not Verified’ parameter on the website?

Programmable products with a ‘verified’ status have full hardware and software programming support. ‘Not Verified’ components means that programming support has not been reviewed or confirmed. Contact us to request device support.

What file types are supported?

  • ASCII Hex
  • Binary
  • Fairchild Fairbug
  • Motorola
  • POF
  • Tektronix Hex
  • Intel Hex

What are the associated fees for custom programming?

Please refer to Custom Programming Services page.

Can DigiKey provide programmed products to international addresses?

Yes! DigiKey can ship custom programmed products to international addresses provided the customer has provided an updated ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) and Commodity Classification Automated Tracking Systems (CCATS) documentation for the programmed product.

How do I obtain an ECCN for my programmed product?

The customer is responsible for requesting Export Control Classification Number (ECCNs) through the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry & Security at www.bis.doc.gov. Customers are to provide the Commodity Classification Automated Tracking Systems (CCATS) documentation to DigiKey prior to the First Article Inspection order.

Why do I have to request an ECCN for a programmed product?

When parts are programmed with proprietary IP, the base part ECCNs (Export Control Classification Numbers) are no longer valid and therefore export classifications need to be reassigned. The customer is required to reclassify with the Bureau of Industry and Security and relay the documents and information to DigiKey.

Why can’t I find a SiTime part number on the DigiKey website?

SiTime oscillators are customizable in many configurations resulting in millions of part numbers. Contact us with your part number request and we will create it in the order system.

Custom Contact Directory & Resources

3M Custom Die Cuts
Custom Modified Enclosures
Cal Test Electronics Custom Test Lead Builder Tool
Molex Custom Cable Creator
Taoglas RF Cable Builder
Taoglas Antenna Builder
Special Order Form (non-catalog request)
Custom Programming Services & Request Form

-Please include your DigiKey Customer Number or name, phone number, company name along with drawing(s) and any other information that shows the original enclosure or custom part number with the modifications you require.

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