Date Code, Lot Code, & Bin Code Inquires - The Can and Can't Do's

DigiKey is able to provide basic documentation on parts that we carry, however we are only able to physically verify some things in our stock regarding a specific part number if required by a customer before an order is placed.

Can Do’s

  1. For inquiries that require technical physical inspection of the part, we can check parts to verify a part marking requirement that you need (and provide to us), or any other physical inspection of a part to identify colors, length etc.
  2. Customers can add a date code range ie.24 months or less, 36 months or less, but we cannot provide a specific date code request.

Can’t Do’s

  1. DigiKey is unable to provide part specific details of stock prior to shipment. Parts pulled to check for date/lot/bin codes are being declined due to the inability to ship customer specific codes. The effort of checking codes is impractical when it cannot be delivered, since there may be various products with different codes shipping at various times. This applies to all product, including LED binning. If there are any special requirements for your order, please include them into the order notes and DigiKey will attempt to accommodate or contact you with further questions. It is best to have detailed and instructional order notes.