Lot Code Missing

Hello. We have been purchasing electronic components from Digi-Key for some time. Recently, some Digi-Key parts we purchased lack Lot Codes. Does anyone had a similar problem? Do you have any idea on how to access the lot code? Thank you for the answers.

Hello @efe.dirim ,

Depending on the parts that are ordered may depend if a date/lot code is available from the manufacturer. There are also times that a lot code may not be noted if it is not requested in advance. If you do require date/lot codes on your orders you can note that in the order notes. Then if a lot code is not available our customer service team will notify you before shipping the parts. Here is a post that shows where you can add the note when placing an online order.

If you are placing the order over the phone you can also telll your sales rep about this requirement.

Hello @Robert_Fay ,

Thank you for the quick and detailed answer. Have a nice and healthy day!

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