Lot and Date code request on past orders

Is it possible to request lot and date code information on a past digikey order if all the original ordering information was kept?

Thank you for your inquiry.

This would depend upon if the information was requested at the time of order. You could call, email or web chat with our Customer Service team referencing your Invoice or Sales Order number to see if they have this available.

The information was not requested at the time of the order. What we have are the original order number as well as the Digi key bag label, and the serial information printed on the top of the device.

Generally, if date/lot code information was not requested at the time of ordering we would not have that information available to us based on invoice/sales order numbers.

I see. Thank you for the information. what is the best way to request the information for future orders?

If you phone the orders in, tell the sales person that your require the Date/Lot code information to be put on the label. If you email your Purchase Orders in, include a statement about requiring the Date/Lot code information. If you place on-line orders, there should be a place to put a not in, like this.