Newer Digi-Reel Construction

Why is a customer getting multiple DKRs each with a single strip instead of one DKR with multiple strips of CT on them?

As we continue to expand our order fulfillment from our new product distribution center, you may notice some adjustments to our current processes. One process adjustment was made in the way that our DKRs are constructed in the new facility. We will no longer be creating multiple-strip DKRs, and customers will now begin receiving one strip per reel, often resulting in the shipment of multiple DKRs per order. You will not be charged an additional fee if your order requires multiple reels. However, also like today, if more than 1 DKR part number is added to an order the charge will apply to each line item.

If multiple DKRs are required to fill a customer’s request, we expect it to be more typical to receive 2 DKRs and not as typical to receive more than 2 DKRs. This is due to the way that the parts are reserved in our inventory system; however, if there is enough inventory for a single strip the customer will only receive one reel.

Product traceability (date/lot codes and country of origin) will become standard once migration is complete, and 1 strip per reel allows very clear understanding of the traceability for each part/reel. Although multiple splices to combine CT to a single reel is reliable, a single strip with no splices beyond the leader and trailer does provide even better stability in a constructed DKR. This new process increases the traceability and reliability of our DKRs. We appreciate your understanding as we work to continue to provide you with best-in-class service.

What if a customer cannot utilize one of the reels that they were sent?

If a customer cannot accept multiple reels with single strips, please contact or send request to and include information such as sales order #, customer #, and part number(s), along with any other information.



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