Do LEDs in a "Digi-Reel" come from same "master" reel?

I am doing some pre-order planning for a purchase of some Osram Luxigen UV LEDs. It’s important that all of the LEDs that I order were manufactured in a single batch by their manufacturer since there is batch-to-batch variation in their properties. For the part I’m interested in, for a full reel there is a minimum order quantity of 4000 LEDs, while I could instead order a “Digi-Reel” that has only hundreds of LEDs.

If I order a Digi-Reel of, say, 300 - 500 LEDs, will all of the LEDs in it come from the same original reel and batch, or might the Digi-Reel contain LEDs from multiple batches?

I see in a forum topic dated March '18 that the answer seems to be yes (all from a single manufacturer’s reel), but am nonetheless looking for further confirmation.


Hi @itsmeagain , in your Quote notes make sure you specify and request a “Continuous Strip”, thus if the Value Add group can’t make your Digi-Reel, customer service would get involved to contact you for further options.