BOM / Quote Manager

Hi, I’m new to using the DK quoting tools, but did watch the tutorial and have used it a few times.

My question is: how does the app calculate quantities for the quote? I entered the quantity per assembly, then the quantity of the assemblies to quote, but not all volumes are populating correctly.

Thanks for your help!


Could you please elaborate on the specific circumstances where you’re not getting an expected result? The math generally should should be total= number of assemblies * quantity per. It’s conceivable that you’re coming across packaging or MOQ issues, or it might just be a bug with the utility…

Hi Rick,

Please see the attached spreadsheet. The top line item is 4 per assembly and the number of assemblies was 500, 1000 & 2500. The top 2 items (both for item #1) have different quantities for volumes 1 and 2, and 0 (zero) for volume #3. This is repeated throughout the BOM. My little noggin is confused.



(Attachment DWETH_Main_HV_Purch_BOM.xls is missing)

I got a message that the attachment was rejected…here’s a screenshot:

Sorry about that–new user restrictions/anti-spambot measures… That should be fixed for you now.

I think part of what you might be seeing here has to do with packaging; if a product comes in a standard manufacturer reel size of 1000 pieces, and you want to order 1500, you’re going to get 1 full reel under the tape & reel part number, and 500 under the cut tape part number. If you want to order 3000 however, that’d be 3 full standard size reels under the tape & reel number, and zero under the cut-tape number. The suffix at the end of the DK part number is a clue here; xxxxx-1-ND are cut tape numbers, -2-ND are tape & reel, and similar for Digi-Reel, Tube, Tray, etc.

Does this help things make more sense?

That would explain why there were different quantities in the Qty-1 & Qty-2 columns…but not the zero in the Qty-3 column, unless I’m misunderstanding.

Having done some digging, this appears to be a result of mixing new and old systems: The BoM manager, being newer, views parts in terms of manufacturer’s P/N and fudges issues of packaging to present info in a way that’s relatable from the perspective of one who just wants to get their hands on 123 pieces of Manufacturer X’s Widget3.0, for example.

The quote mechanism on the other hand, is much older and very intimately tied with fulfillment-related functions, in which context the distinction between standard-quantity versus cut-down packaging is a very big deal indeed.

In placing an order based on a particular assembly quantity, the mix & match of factory standard and cut-down packaging to end up with the desired result happens just fine. In attempting to quote multiple assembly quantities however, the quote mechanism doesn’t like having null values for early tiers, so if a person only ended up needing a standard-size reel at a tier 3 build quantity for example, the downloaded quote ends up reflecting that as tier 1.

Admittedly, that doesn’t make sense from a user experience perspective; it’s an issue that’s been duly noted, and will be addressed in ongoing developments. In the meantime, a workaround would be to generate a separate quote for each build quantity of interest. While somewhat unwieldy, so doing does eliminate any potential ambiguity over the tier of interest come a time one would like to place an order based on a quote.

Thanks for pointing out the issue, and apologies for the confusion.