How the BOM Tool Works and If It is Working in General?


I have a BOM .xlsx file created and saved on the BOM tool creator. Is this still a thing? I mean, is it working and is it a legitimate way to order from DigiKey?

The reason I am asking is b/c my BOM was a bit misleading w/ separate Cap values in different cells in Rows/Columns on the Excel spreadsheet.


P.S. I have the file still and it is in working order but I had to erase some items. Since that time, I have accumulated another reference of the BOM that may need updating. Before I order back ordered parts, I would like a bit of help. Here is the Pick_and_Place file:

DigiKey_Assist_for_Cape_MFG.txt (35.4 KB)

If that file cannot be viewed for some reason, please do reply. I can also provide the file for the BOM from the DigiKey order of back ordered parts that is undone for now. I just mean it is not a complete order nor has it been ordered yet.


I guess what exactly I am asking is this idea:

  • Once the BOM is created and I am missing items, either b/c of DigiKey not selling them or them being out-of-stock, is there a way to have you or your company handle what is missing in my BOM?


  • If you need additional info. on what is missing on the BOM tool b/c of them being unavailable currently, is there any guarantee that I will receive my items when they do become available?


P.S. I have nine pages of items where most of them are unavailable in my BOM. I am just trying to do as little work as possible on this front. If this is not what the forum is used for currently, please disregard my questions and ideas.

Hello @silver2row

The best option if you have that many items would be to send your list to to see if we are able to get those parts for you that are not currently listed.


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Okay…I will send in an email to the quotes dept.

Thank you.


Hello @Robert_Fay ,

Seth here. I am working on building something. The mfg. of choice is having a complication for part number(s):

  • CD0603-S0180 - supposedly this is an obsolete part. Is there anyway to get an updated component of the same values?

  • BAV70-V - I cannot tell which part this is so far. I am still doing some research on it. The mfg. says it is having the incorrect part number. It may just be the BAV70?

  • SM72485MM/NOPB - I think these have a severely long lead time, i.e. which cuts into my 30 day mfg. quote length.

Anyway, I am looking to attain these parts w/ these rules:


So, if I could get the SM72485MM/NOPB parts as a continuous strip of tape and not in the 1000 quantity, this would be good for me. I cannot afford to spend $2000.00 plus on just one type of component.


P.S. All of these, the three components, need to be in reels or a continuous strip of tape. I know this is a bit picky but this is what they require of me so far.

Hello @Robert_Fay ,

I contacted and found little response. Actually, I have received a zero count reply so far.

I understand the shortage right now and the urgency of everyone and their needs/wants.


P.S. Anyway, please tell 'em. Seth needs/wants them too!