THR-DS-TFLEX-600 Compressibility Factor

I am wondering what the compressibility factor is for A12624-01 from Laird Technologies.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. We are going to have to check with Laird on this one. I will let you know when we get a response back.


Thaknk you for waiting. Here is what we received back.

Please see below response from the supplier:

That isn’t something that that we have for our materials, unfortunately. The best compressability information we have is the pressure-deflection diagram on the datasheet.

Ok, thank you for checking for me!


The compressibility factor is a measure of how much a material can be compressed and is typically provided for gases and fluids. For solid materials like the A12624-01 thermal interface material, the term “compressibility” is typically used to describe the change in thickness or volume when the material is subjected to a specific pressure.

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