Tputty™ 508 Laird Technologies - Thermal Materials

Dear all,

I have machines that are adapted for item A17170-02 (926-1578-ND) and now I was wondering if the machines are compatible with item A17170-01 (926-1577-ND).
Could you please indicate the length and diameter of the casing?

Best Regards,
Luís Martins - SAE, LDA

SAE, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
There are no measurements on the datasheet. I will request that our warehouse measure the diameter and the length.
We will post the information when we get it from the warehouse.

We already have the information.
All diameters are equal only changes the total length of the cartridge.
A17170-01 (926-1577-ND) - 99.31 mm
A17170-02 (926-1578-ND) - 182.12 mm