TI part with mixed markings ? Datasheet does not state what the C in the part marking means

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I am hoping you can help me out. I have this part and I am having trouble verifying it based on the data sheet. Wondering if TI is always this weird.

Part Marking in Datasheet: 54560C
Actual part marking: 54560

Die is even showing PN: TPS54360

I have sent your request to the warehouse to verify you received the correct part.
I will notify of the reply as soon as I receive it.

Thank you so much

Hi JustynR95,

Not sure what to say about the internal marking showing the 54360 rather than 54560. The two parts are essentially the same other than the max current they can provide (3.5A vs. 5A, respectively). Could be that they produce one die and then test in production to see whether they pass the higher current, and then label the external package appropriately. Or, depending on where you got those part, some nefarious person is re-labeling them as the more valuable 5A part, since there would be almost no way to tell, functionally, other than x-raying the part. That seems like a stretch, as the effort required to do that would not seem worth the moderate difference in price between the two parts.

Regarding the “C” suffix marking on the package, the earlier non-“B” version of the part - TPS54560DDAx (note no “B” after the “xxx60”) was marked simply “54560”. See page 41 of the datasheet here. Now, why they chose to put a “C” in the package marking rather than “B” is a mystery to me. Maybe they made a couple of internal revisions before releasing, but they didn’t want to name it “C” when it was the second public release??

Hello @JustynR95,

The TI part TPS54560BDDAR would have the marking 54560C. The part you have is either TPS54560DDA “in tube packaging” or TPS54560DDAR “on tape” with the marking 54560. If this part was ordered through DigiKey, then this was a picking error. If so, then please contact customer.service@digikey.com with the invoice # so we can get this issue resolved.

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