To identify 150-USB5742B/2G-ND and 150-USB5742B/2GX01-ND based on the marking or date/lot code

150-USB5742B/2G-ND and 150-USB5742B/2GX01-ND have the same top marking. What is the difference between them?

The date code makes no clear distinction between these two variants of USB5742B, based on the date information.

So, the difference of the variants will be via the ordering part number as specified in the datasheet, as shown below. There is no easy method to differentiate these parts from just product markings alone.


Applicable Part Numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
150-USB5742B-I/2G-ND USB5742B-I/2G
150-USB5742B/2GX01-ND USB5742B/2GX01
150-USB5742B/2G-ND USB5742B/2G
150-USB5742BT/2GX01-ND USB5742BT/2GX01
150-USB5742B-I/2GX01-ND USB5742B-I/2GX01
150-USB5742BT/2GTR-ND,150-USB5742BT/2GCT-ND,150-USB5742BT/2GDKR-ND USB5742BT/2G
150-USB5742BT-I/2GTR-ND,150-USB5742BT-I/2GCT-ND,150-USB5742BT-I/2GDKR-ND USB5742BT-I/2G
150-USB5742BT/2GC01-ND USB5742BT/2GC01

Looking at the datasheet I have to ask if it is possible that the product version attribute and/or the 3-digit internal code printed on it could lead someone with the master key to know which version it was originally.

I would expect that if a customer were to provide a photo (via email or other non-public method of communication) and we were to provide that to the supplier, it would be likely they could tell us.