Too many drill files in DK Red submission?

Hello –

Recently submitted order ****** (removed for privacy). When submitting, got a warning about “more than 1 drill file”.

The order was rejected because “3 diffrent drill file provided…” My files were generated by KiCAD exports, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to collapse all drill files into a single file.

Two of the drill files appear to be for inner layer connections (it’s a 4 layer board), so blind and buried vias.

So, my questions are:

  1. Any idea how I can make this submission acceptable ?
  2. Does DK Red accept blind and buried vias (could find no info about this anywhere)?

Thank you!


Blind and buried vias are part of the feature set disallowed by DKRed and similar services in order to control costs of production. This is indicated in the stackup document, but the fact may warrant more explicit treatment.

If your file set incorporates such features, you’d need to convert your layout to an all-through-via design, and perhaps make adjustments to the stack-up specification in your layout software in order to result in a single drill file. Using one of the full-featured services would be an alternative option, though will come at substantially greater cost.

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Hey Rick!

Thanks for the information and pointing me at at the stackup document!