First try with DK Red, Order cancelled?

Tried to order a board with DK red finally, but after a week of waiting with no feedback I was expecting to receive a couple PCB’s this week I got an email saying the order was cancelled. Tried online support but they were unable to provide any information as to why it was cancelled. Not very user friendly experience so far compared to using Chinese board houses like JLCPCB, and ALLPCB where you have feedback every step of the way. Order #78445843


Hello @Donnyp751

I apologize your first experience was so difficult. I am working with my contacts from the board manufacturer and we will get to the bottom of why your order was rejected.

I received an email saying that there was an internal error or the files were corrupted. The gerbers I uploaded were fine, the only thing is I didn’t have a drill file as it was a SMD only board with nothing to be drilled which may have been the issue?

Hello @Donnyp751

Correct the reason they gave me was it was a single layer and with that having no drill file is what was rejected. I was asking more into it so I could come back with more of an explanation for you.

Oh ok. That’s more helpful then the message displayed in my order history of “Voided/canceled by Vendor” with no details. Probably worth making it a requirement of the automatic gerber checker on the dk red ordering page because it’s not clear that your order will be rejected if you don’t include a empty set of drill files.

I just reordered for the 3rd time with empty generated drill files, fingers crossed hopefully I’ll get some PCB’s in a week or two.


Yes, I agree we should at least note it and we will include this into our future enhancements.

I will keep an eye on the order. If you get rejected again, I will contact supplier, see how we can get this in.

Just had my order cancelled again… No idea what the issue is now. I included all gerbers, and drill files.

I see your rejected order, looks like the API automatically rejected it. I’ll talk to the supplier.


From supplier:
We can’t accept single-sided boards.
We can accept board without drill file, but needs to be at least 2-layers.

Sorry would need to have a 2-layer board for it to be excepted.

I’d output the Gerber for the no copper 2nd layer, submit it, and I bet you’ll get a single sided board that is called a two layer PCB by the vendor.

If that doesn’t work then I’d add a little logo, or other feature, in the copper of the normally blank side.

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Uploading: dk red gerbs.PNG…
Uploading: dk red pcb.PNG…
It has all the gerbers, and drill files. Still was canceled yesterday. I have since drawn a single trace in the shape of a smiley, added a logo to the back, and added mounting holes. We will see if that works lmao