Tooling for Harting Press fit connectors

There are a lot of different Press fit connectors from Harting. I was asked about part number 1195-1027-ND image

They wanted to know what the correct tooling will be for press fitting it into a board.

This is a list of parts from Harting according to their website for 02021602201.
These parts will be for the 1195-1027-ND (02021602201) connector.

Here is a quick visual of a complete set up.


What a customer will need is a Press Tool
Hand Bench Type Press - 09990000201-ND
or a
Pneumatic Press - 09990000282-ND

Along with the Press they will need a Base Plate. There are three different options.
Press Base Plate - 09990000255-ND
Press Base Plate and Standard Size Guide Frame - 09990000244-ND
Press Base Plate and Long Size Guide Frame - 09990000261-ND

Next, the customer will need a Top tool and Bottom tool, which is specifically designed for the connectors they want to press to the board. The top tool presses down onto the connector and the bottom tool supports the pcb as the contacts are pressed into the board.

Top Tool options:
har-bus 64 Top Tool (width 18mm) - 02990000002-ND
har-bus 64 top tool encompassed - 02990000016-ND

Bottom Tool options:
DIN Universal bottom tool (width 41mm) - 09990000185-ND
har-bus 64 bottom tool for female connectors (width 14mm) - 02990000001-ND

It is possible that there are other Presses and options available that can work.

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