Tooling for 1001-0-15-15-30-27-04-0

Please advise suitable tooling for 1001-0-15-15-30-27-04-0 MILL-MAX MFG CORP

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What sort of tooling are you looking for? This part is meant to be press-fit into the PCB.


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I have found references to press tools for similar products from another manufacturer, but not yet for Mill-Max. I’ll update this post when I have more information. Until then, Mill-Max provides many articles on using these press fit contacts: [ INTRODUCTION TO MILL-MAX PRESS-FIT TECHNOLOGY ]. There are additional links to Application Notes on that page.

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(Update) Mill-Max replied: "We do not offer or make recommendations for press-fit tooling. With that being said, we do let customers know that pressing our parts into a PCB isn’t a complex process. In reality they just need a flat plate that’s at least the size of the part with something that can provide leverage to add the required force. Something as simple as an arbor press and press-plate would do the trick. As for the press fit force, that varies depending on the hole size, plating, etc. so no it is not something that we provide.”

There are various online articles regarding press-fit force calculations, but very often with a note stating that lab testing is still the best assurance of a quality fit. You can find all sorts of common arbor press tools for low volume production or frequent repairs. There are large, automated types specifically made for press-fit products, too. Searching online with terms such as “press fit contact insertion machine” seems to give results for both the machines and methods of calculating the force.