Press-fit receptacle for pcb


I hate soldering and I saw the press-fit receptacle from mill-max. I destroyed 2 sets of pcb already because my hand shakes bad when it gets too tired (carpal tunnel).

The pins i use is2.54 mm, which products (receptacle and pin) should i order.

you can order, however , not knowing your full details of the parts and what exact issues are going on I can only answer generally as some press fit connectors still need to be soldered.

Hi Robert

I was hoping to attach my sparkfan/adafruit rp2040 boards by press-fit pins and and receptacle or just lessent the soldering and less damage to the board

Assuming a typical 63 mil board thickness, it looks like there are products in the 800 and 802 series (male, single/double row) that may meet the need, having P/Ns of the form 80x-yy-zzz-61-001000 where x determines single/double row, y specifies plating, and z the number of positions. These should be a few examples

It looks like the 801 and 803 series with the same part number format should be a compatible female counterpart. If I read correctly these should also play nicely with the more typical 0.025" square pin headers.

Thank you. I will try that