Tooling for Molex MX150 33012 Series Contacts

Looking for tooling for your MX150 33012 series contacts from Molex? Hand crimpers are listed on bottom of the product detail page as seen in the example below. Insertion and extraction tools are typically listed there as well.

If you are looking for a bench press style applicator, Molex recommends 0638082610(WM25172-ND).

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Numbers Manufacturer Part Numbers
WM3687TR-ND, WM3687CT-ND 330122002
WM3692TR-ND, WM3692CT-ND 330122003
WM15594TR-ND, WM15594CT-ND 330122022
WM2989TR-ND, WM2989CT-ND 330122001
WM19971TR-ND, WM19971CT-ND 330123022
WM4684TR-ND, WM4684CT-ND 330123002
WM3691TR-ND, WM3691CT-ND 330123001
WM3690TR-ND, WM3690CT-ND 330123003
WM15597TR-ND, WM15597CT-ND 330123021
WM15592TR-ND, WM15592CT-ND 330122004
WM15596TR-ND, WM15596CT-ND 330123004
WM15593TR-ND, WM15593CT-ND 330122021
WM15595TR-ND, WM15595CT-ND 330122023
WM16149TR-ND, WM16149CT-ND 330123023
900-0330125023-ND 330125023