TP-DC-1248GDx2-HP POE Injector


ordered a TP-DC-1248GDx2-HP but noticed it has two POE outputs and no data inputs. Never ran across an injector like this one. So question is if I’m needing a POE injector with data in and data out port, I would assume the TP-DC-1248GDx2-HP will not work.



pins 3 + and 6 -

both are transmit

Hi Robert,

for my application, I have a 12vdc powered cabinet. I have a ST fiber to ethernet media converter. The media converter is connected to fiber in another cabinet. The CAT5 from the media converter goes to the POE injector. The output from the POE injector powers a broadband radio along with data. It appears the TP-DC-1248GDX2-HP will not work.