POE Power options for Tycon RPPL1224-36-35

I working on a system for WIFI. The system uses POE injection. Receiver is 24v with max of 7 watts 0.3 amps max and Transmitter is 48v 9 watts 0.5 amps max. If Im reading correctly it seems as though the Tycon RPPL1224-36-35 offers POE power of 24v or 48 v. Is there a way that I could supply both without the addition of the added power consumption of an inverter and POE injectors? this is my first build with solar to power these units so I need advice please.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I know the datasheet says 24V at 1.2A and 48V at 0.62A but if you scroll down to system ordering they offer two different part numbers, one for 24V POE output and another for 48V POE output.