Help with POE Setup


I’m trying to build a robot that requires 66.7 watts to run. I’ll need PoE++. I’m finding it difficult to determine a set-up. The converter will need to step the voltage down to 12 volts. Would that mean that the required amperage would then be 66.7/12 = 5.56 amps? When I add up the current required for all devices, it equates to 9.1 amps. How do I determine the converter I’ll need for PoE++?


Devices that separate data and power from a PoE-enabled connection are known as “splitters”. A variety of listings in or near the power range requested can be found here.

The only way these can both be true at the same time for a 12V supply is if the “devices” are not in operation at the same time. Pay attention to whether the current ratings in question are “average”, “Peak” or something else. It may be necessary to provide for local energy storage to accommodate peak loads, while sizing PoE equipment to satisfy the time-averaged requirements.