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how long does this transducer hold a 0 reading when in a idle position after a reset/ re-zero?

Hello curt.mccracken,

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I would think the 0 reading should hold until it is powered down, or until a difference in pressure is detected. The 0 value may vary or wonder, due to the Accuracy tolerance and the Span Shift %.
Maybe one of the Engineers can add to this post, with their knowledge of using these sensors.

Thank you David.
I run test using labview to read data to report to engineers so we can verify our products.
When the transducers are zeroed out to begin another test they are fine.
if i leave it idle , lets say for lunch, when I return to test the readings are way off until i re-zero it out.

This document would seem to indicate that shifts on the order of a few percent either way are to be expected depending on test conditions, but one wouldn’t expect them to go meandering around that pasture over the course of a lunch break.

Insofar as the transducers themselves appear to have no calibration function, it may be worth looking into how much error the measurement system used to query them is contributing to the issue. “Labview” is software, and there’s quite a bit of extra pieces in between the numbers it spits out and the sensor in question.