Transformer load monitoring, MSP430F47187, MSP-TS430PZ100A, MSP-FET

I am trying to develop current and voltage measurement system for floating resistance (at the secondary of 440/230V transformer). Is it possible to use following combination of devices from Texas Instruments, please check,
AMC1100 as differential opamp evaluation module which collects differential input, and gives diff output in range ±5V
MSP-430f47187 mcu, which will be put in MSP-TS430pz100A (MSP430 100 pin target board),
This combination will be programmed using MSP-FET (flash emulation tool for MSP430).

Is there anything missing in this assembly? any suggestions?
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The purpose is not just current and voltage measurement but it is to collect the data via some communication link.
Is it possible to integrate this setup with GSM Module?
What care should be taken?


The devices mentioned could be used for the kind of application described. There are many other devices that could be used also; the number of possible solutions is nearly infinite. In addition to the items named, a working solution would likely also require one or more power supplies, sensing mechanisms, possibly some protection components, and other support devices.

Care should be taken to operate all devices within their prescribed limits, and to avoid creating risk of electric shock, fire, disruption of service, or other undesirable outcomes. Due to the large number of possible approaches to the problem and various considerations involved, it is not practical to describe a complete solution using the mentioned components here. You may wish to visit the reference design library for ideas; the search term “meter” for example brings up a number of design concepts for single-phase energy metering.

Thanks @rick_1976 ,
how about integrating above mentioned setup with gsm module for communication purpose?

Most any microcontroller can be interfaced with a cellular communication device designed for that purpose.