Trenz FAE

Does DigiKey have an FAE for the Trenz product line (FPGA boards for Xilinx)?

Hello @docjay,

We do have a couple of engineers that have worked with FPGAs and with Xilinx as well as a product manager for the company. Is there a specific question that we could try to help answer?


Yes, we are in the market for an UltraScale Zync class SOM solution. I would like to understand what is really available from Trenz or other companies that DigiKey can offer. I see a set of Trenz boards under the general model number of TE0803. The smallest of these has a ZU2CG class FPGA on it. In addition Trenz seems to offer a mother board for this as part number TEBF0808-04. I was wondering if this would be a reasonable thing to try and whether Digikey would recommend other options. Are these cards available for evaluation or benchmarking? Can someone at Digikey address the static power consumption of this smallest Z72CG card versus higher density FPGAs. We are interested ina low power solution - so perhaps other alternatives can be proposed.

Hi @docjay, sorry this is brand new board from Trenz, at this time we do not have any variation of the TE0803 in our hands to share any benchmarking data. According to Trenz product page, they looking to ship in March 2021 (as of today: 2021.01.29). It would be best to contact them directly for any early access possiblities…