Tripp Lite UPS Replacement Battery

My company purchased DigiKey PN: RBC72S-ND a couple of days ago. The battery pack we received includes a 5 pin connector which is not part of the original battery pack for the Tripp Lite UPS model SU3000RTXLCD2U. I do not see reference to this 5 pin cable in the Datasheet. Can you tell me if I should use this battery pack without using this cable.

Hello slarson, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
You should be okay to use this battery, as it specifies to be compatible with the UPS model SU3000RTXLCD2U. My guess is the 5 pin connector is to make it compatible with one of the other UPS models listed on the datasheet. As long as it has the right connections for your UPS device, you should be good to go.

Good Morning David,

Thanks for your reply… That was my thought as well. It’s good to see that our logic is on the same page.

Have a great day.