UPS Battery compartment connector identification


I am looking for some help in identifying a few parts from a UPS battery pack. I am in need of all connectors, no need for the wire. I only know the terminals as “F2” but that is not netting me valid results for ordering.
The F2 straight connectors lock in place very well and have a housing that pulls back to un-latch from the battery post for easy removal.
The 90 degree F2s are typical friction fit.
I am also looking for the straight blade fuse and the associated connectors on it. Larger than an F2 terminal.
All wire depicted is 10 AWG. I don’t need the wire, but for reference for part numbers.

Thank you so much!

F1 = .187 (4.75mm) quick connect
F2 = Spade, .250" (6.3mm) quick connect

Greetings and welcome to the Forum.
For the receptacle housings we have these available in the .250" size.
For .250" straight quick connects we have these available.
For 900 .250" quick connects we have these available.
For quick connects larger than F2 we have these available.

I cannot identify the fuse from shape and color alone, are there any markings on the fuse?

Thank you so much for the info and links! This helps a lot.
Yes there are, I was unable to attach another image of it

Hi kenglish,

Pretty sure the fuse is the F1039-ND.