Bluetti connector


I’m trying to help my grandfather expand his backup solar power system. He’s in California so the blackouts and him being disabled aren’t a great combo. He’s gathered the bits and pieces to build an expanded battery that I plan on completing the next time I go out and see him. There are cables to do it but they are like $150 and not a long length of wire. I don’t mind making my own connectors like I’ve done for some of my battery builds. I just can’t seem to find the proper plug.

It’s the plugs on the right hand side of the embedded picture below. I’m relatively certain it’s just the two bigger pins that connect to the internal battery positive and negative terminals. They call it the P090D connector.

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately I could not come up with a connector for this one.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for looking. Do you have something in a similar round style with the two prongs that I may be able to sand flat to get it to work?

Thanks again!

Unfortunately I could not find anything even close to this one that we carry.

Hi ice69man2005
I also couldn’t locate anything in our Photovoltaic (Solar Panel) Connector category.