Trying to source a breakout board for a DC/DC converter

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is the right place for it (first time here), but I’m wondering if someone might be able to help me source a breakout board for a Cincon Half Brick DC/DC converter.

Attached is a photo of the original board that is unfortunately fried. I don’t believe it was a proprietary board, just something “off the shelf”, but searching the printed number on the board yields no result. The Cincon is model number CHB150W-24S12. If a board does not exist, any recommendations on an equivalent converter with the same input/output specifications, would be greatly appreciated.


I think the only place you may be able to be it from is Cincon.

I sent them a message late last night. I’ll see if they get back to me with anything next week.

Thanks for the suggestion!