TT Electronic Phototransistor Resin Color

There has been some questions recently on the color of the resin used on some of the TT Electronics IR products as there have been some that have changed in color from blue to gray and gray to blue.

In speaking with my Product Management team I was informed that TT Electronics seems to change resin colors frequently on their IR products without issuing PCNs. The rational is that since these are non-visible emitters the lens color holds no bearing on the components functionality.

Applicable Part Numbers

365-1066-ND 365-1075-ND 365-1067-ND 365-1071-ND 365-1070-ND 365-1074-ND 365-1073-ND 365-1598-ND 365-1072-ND 365-1068-ND 365-1076-ND 365-1603-ND 365-1069-ND 365-1599-ND 365-1077-ND 365-1608-ND 365-1604-ND 365-1606-ND 365-1600-ND 365-1601-ND 365-2013-ND 365-2010-ND 365-1607-ND 365-1605-ND 365-1613-ND 365-1602-ND OP599B-ND OP599C-ND OP550D-ND OP593C-ND OP705A-ND OP506W-ND OP555C-ND OP750B-ND 365-1614-ND OP508FC-ND OP509A-ND OP770A-ND OP565B-ND 365-1158-ND OP506D-ND OP508FB-ND OP509C-ND OP535C-ND OP538FA-ND OP538FB-ND OP538FC-ND OP552A-ND OP552B-ND OP552C-ND OP555D-ND OP560B-ND OP565A-ND OP565C-ND 365-1609-ND OP705B-ND OP705C-ND OP705D-ND OP750C-ND OP755A-ND OP755B-ND OP755C-ND OP755D-ND OP770B-ND OP770C-ND OP770D-ND OP775A-ND OP775B-ND OP775C-ND OP775D-ND OP793A-ND OP793B-ND OP793C-ND OP793D-ND OP798A-ND OP798B-ND OP798C-ND OP798D-ND

OP505A OP598A OP505B OP550B OP550A OP593A OP560C OP505C OP550C OP506A OP598B OP535A OP506B OP505D OP599A OP598C OP535B OP555B OP505W OP506C OP593B OP508FA OP560A OP555A OP750A OP509B OP599B OP599C OP550D OP593C OP705A OP506W OP555C OP750B OP750D OP508FC OP509A OP770A OP565B OP570 OP506D OP508FB OP509C OP535C OP538FA OP538FB OP538FC OP552A OP552B OP552C OP555D OP560B OP565A OP565C OP599D OP705B OP705C OP705D OP750C OP755A OP755B OP755C OP755D OP770B OP770C OP770D OP775A OP775B OP775C OP775D OP793A OP793B OP793C OP793D OP798A OP798B OP798C OP798D

For emitters, the resin color is not very significant because they both can pass the infrared light nearly equally as well. However, for detectors (photo transistors and photodiodes), the color is significant because the dark color lenses filter out much more visible light than the light and clear color lenses do.

Even though infrared detectors are most sensitive to infrared light, they are still somewhat sensitive to visible light, particularly in the visible red wavelengths. Therefore, detectors with clear or light-colored lenses are more likely to be affected by ambient light than those with dark lenses.