UL Certification, UL Report, or UL files

Where can you get UL certificates or files for a part?

If there is a problem locating UL information applications engineering can assist in locating UL file numbers for a specific part.

However once you have the UL file number in order to get the most recent documents you will need to go to UL.com directly.

There is an easy search tool once you have the file number you can enter it here in the Online Certification Director. .

Search through DK website and manufacturer website or datasheet, If a UL file number is listed on any of this documentation, direct to www.ul.com where you can find details on the file number.
Digi-Key TechForum can be contacted if further documentation is required.

TE’s UL, documentation, or other files can be found here, just search the manufacturer part number for a list of documentation.

If you want to receive the parts with the manufacturer’s UL marking on the packaging, you will need to purchase the full reel/tray quantity from DK. Digi-Key’s packaging will not reflect any UL markings or certifications because that has to come from the manufacturer who received the UL certification/registration.

If there is absolutely no indication that the part is UL/CSA approved this typically means that the manufacturer has not sought out UL/CSA approval for this product. If you are wondering about why the part is not approved then we would direct you to contact manufacturer directly.