Ultrasonic Drivers

The microblower made by Murata (Digi-Key P/N 490-5856-ND) requires a “driver” that apparently Murata does not make. Do you sell a driver for the 490-5856-ND microblower (and/or P/N 490-MZB3004T04-ND and/or P/N 490-MZB3005T06-ND)

Hi bkozak,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. We do not sell a specific driver for this blower, but I did find a schematic for a recommended driver circuit.

I had already found this sketch. Any suggestions for a manufacturer who could make a few of these boards?

We do offer a board manufacturing service at Digi-Key.
Click here for info on DKRed.
If you can design the board, you can have the empty boards made at DKRed.
You would just have to solder all the components onto it.

Hello, I think I can help you with this.

Good Afternoon Houari,

I forwarded your earlier email to the Precision Fermentation engineer who actually works on our boards. I will let you know what he wants to do. My role is to integrate the instruments, pumps, valves, etc. to get the desired result and to lead the development / testing / commercialization. However, I don’t get personally involved in board design.

Bill Kozak
Precision Fermentation