1738-FIT0817-ND but no Datasheet(s)


I have a 1738-FIT0817-ND and I wanted to use it for some motor driver types. Um, are they powered via 3.3v, 5v, and/or maybe 12 or 24v?

I can probably use the extra fan consumption during specific moves on my machine but I know exactly nothing about it nor do I have the wherewithal to actually test it properly.

I can start w/ 3.3v and move up to 5v and so on…until it breaks.


P.S. Should I contact DFRobot instead? Please guide me on this effort so I can make a wiser decision than I have made in the past.

Working Voltage: 5V
Power: 1.5W
Speed: 7500rpm
Weight: 12g
Applicable to 3B/3B+/4B
            Large Heat Sink: 50*25*13mm / 1.97*0.98*0.51 inch

            Small Heat Sink: 9*9*5mm / 0.35*0.35*0.2 inch

This is what I found on their DFRobot site online. So, I will go w/ it! Pray for rains!

From the specs you posted, I can see that the working voltage of the motor is 5V. You have to apply exactly 5v to get it working.