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dc fan

hi i would like to know if there is a voltage range for this fan . a lot of the similar fans show a voltage range e.g 6 v - 13.8v but this one just shows 12v . i would like to run it at 13- 13.5 v

thanks in advance

The data sheet shows that it is smart 4-wire fan specifically designed for PWM control from a user supplied circuit. This means there is circuitry inside the fan in addition to the DC motor, so I would not recommend operating it that far off it’s nominal value (I think 11.5V to 12.5V would be OK).


While the supplier does not appear to specify a maximum operating voltage range, I’d be OK with taking limits given for similar products as fairly representative in this case. It’s a thing to validate of course if one’s subject to formal liability, but I’ve taken apart enough of them to recognize that they’re built cheap enough to need lots of margin, and that the number of actual manufacturers of such products is likely less than it might appear.