Ultrasonic sensor

I want to buy a Small ultrasonic sensor for an industrial project, I chose the sensor “CUSA-TR80-18-2400-TH” which fits our requirements but every ultrasonic sensor has 3 pins (Vcc, Gnd, Data) but here it has only 2 pins so which pin is Vcc, Gnd and Data?

I am checking the pinout with the Product Specialist and will post his reply as soon as I receive it.

The CUSA-TR80-18-2400-TH might be better described as a “transducer”. It converts energy between electrical and acoustic domains, and that’s all that it does.

The “sensors” of the common type like the HC-SR04 type pictured below, combine a transducer (or two) with the additional electronics needed to generate an electrical signal representing the ultrasonic waveform to be transmitted, and process the received echo into an a signal that can be interpreted. Use of the CUSA device will require the provision of similar additional electronics.

Product Specialist Reply
The pin that has the large black circle around it is the Vcc terminal. Customer build own circuit around this.