Unable to login to the Beaglebone Black with custom image

I followed the tutorial at Debian: Getting Started with the BeagleBone Black, the only difference was that I downloaded the rootfs for Debian 10, not 11, at https://rcn-ee.com/rootfs/eewiki/minfs/debian-10.3-minimal-armhf-2020-02-10.tar.xz. Oh, and I built the image in the virtual machine, not on real ARM board, if that matters.

The board boots from the resulting microSD card (although there’s no USB gadget mode with virtual network adapter created in my PC, but I understand that the image is minimal and therefore USB gadget is not set up). The host name is arm, not beaglebone, it gets its IP address from my home router. When I try to ssh into it (ssh debian@, the following happens:

Could not chdir to home directory /home/debian: Permission denied
/bin/bash: Permission denied
Connection to closed.

I checked that the directory access rights are rwxr-xr-x, the owner and group have id 1000 (they are displayed as my local user on my PC when I mount the microSD card).
What’s wrong with my setup?

That was a bug in the rootfs generation I fixed a awhile back… if you feel the need to use 10.x over 11.x for Debian… then I’d advize you to download the version of 10.x with the same date stamp as the recommended 11.x version…