Hi all!,

I need to change/swap out a UNL2003L 16 DIP from my Frigidaire Oven control board. I saw DigiKey has a UNL2003L but surface mount. I was looking for a 16-dip.

Wondering also if UNL2003A is the “same” as UNL2003L ? can I use the A version?


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I’m sorry, but we do not carry the UNL2003L or UNL2003A.
You will have to find the place that has the UNL2003A, and see what they can tell you.

Thanks David!

My bad… ULN2003L is the part I am looking for (16 -dip), NOT UNL. Wondering if ULN2003A would be the same thing/equivalent? It must not be a surface mount chip.

Is your part a ULN2003LV? Assuming so, it has some unique features which, in some applications, may preclude other similar parts from functioning properly in your circuit. Basically, the ULN2003A might work, but as the ULN2003 and the ULN2003A were much more commonly used, it implies that they chose the ULN2003LV for its unique characteristics.

If you have room, I would recommend ordering the ULN2003LVDR in the SOIC package (assuming again that you are replacing the ULN2003LV) and one of the following:



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Looking at the chip, ULN2003L and seems to be a 16 DIP. Basically controlling Relays for Oven/Bake, Broil etc.

I included a picture… sorry for the quality but you can zoom in (ULN2003L on the left next to the 4 relays).

Hi grlicr,

That resolution makes it tough to read. Can you tell me what the markings are on the line above the ULN part number? The reason I ask is that perhaps another vendor makes this part other than Texas Instruments and the markings there might help ID that. From another vendor, the “L” might have a different meaning, which could be helpful to understand what might work.

Edit: Never mind, I just found it. It’s a Unisonic Technologies part, marked with “UTC”, and the “L” suffix just means “lead-free”.

Looking through the datasheet for your UTC part, the ULN2003A should work just fine for you.

I included a better picture. BTW… this picture is the “after” and the old one was before the short append. You can see the crack.

thanks a lot David for confirming I can use ULN2003A. I ordered it. I have nothing to lose! Worst case I need to replace the entire control board.

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Hi all,

wanted to thank you for your help. I’ve de-soldered the old ULN2003L and solder the ULN2003A I received by digikey and now my oven works like new! Used solder station with wick and flux to remove solder.