UPD78F0500MC(T)-5A4-A - what does (T) means?

Does anyone know what (T) stands for in UPD78F0500MC(T)-5A4-A Renesas device name?

That part of the part number indicates Quality Grade/Operating Temperature.

I’m not seeing anywhere where they define what a T suffix indicates for that. I’m checking with our Product Management team on this, we’ll get back as soon as we have anything.

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Thanks Kristof! That’s what I saw too in the datasheet.
I hope there’s something that will show the specific meaning of (T). Regards!

The manufacturer responded on this request indicating they were not going to support this inquiry because UPD78F0500MC(T)-5A4-A is obsolete and doesn’t have a replacement that isn’t obsolete.

Hi ireenarcala
I wasn’t able to locate any archived documentation either. As a guess, it is an older suffix used for a higher industrial temperature rating such as -40°C ~ 125°C (TA) as compared to -40°C ~ 85°C (TA), but again this is only a guess.