USB-C Charger Design

I have designed a battery charger based on BQ25170DSGR and want to supply this chip with 5V, 50 mA max to operate.

The interface with outside is a USB-C and VBUS is supposed to provide 5V DC to BQ chip.

Do I need a USB-C controller between USB-C port and BQ chip? Or if I directly connect USB-C VBUS to Vin of BQ chip, it will receive 5V from it?


You should not have and issues not using a usb controller for just charging,

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Thanks Robert. What if my USB-C get connected to a charger that can provide up to 20V-5A. Is this true that if I do not do any handshaking with the other USB-C device, the VBUS will be 5V by default no matter what I connect my charger to?