Usb cable with display

Hi, Does Digikey have USB C cables with display e.g. like in the link below? (I’m not a fan of Amazon and would order it from Digikey even if it is more expensive.)
I tried numerous search terms but it seems the results did not yield anything like it.
Thank you!

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Hello uforke,

Unfortunately I do not see anything in our catalog that is a USB C cable with a display.


Thank you Klint! Perhaps Digikey can look if these cables are a worthwhile new product. They are very handy to easily diagnose USBC charging issues.

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You’re quite welcome, uforke!

I agree - as a tech nerd I see these and it’s just plain ol’ cool. With regulations changing for standardizing power to electronics, we may very well see these in our catalog sometimes in the future.

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Hi @uforke ,

These (click here) for the most similar options we would carry. You may need an adapter if you need USB-C connection to these, just be sure to order the correct connector type & gender.

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Thank you Ryan!