USB Keyboard Library for NXP PN7462 family

Could anyone please help in getting USB Keyboard Library or code example for NXP PN7462 family?
It isn’t available in the family SW library like other families from NXP.
I tried to make the porting from LPC11u14 MCU as mentioned in user_guide but failed.

Hi @Bassam, i did find this set of examples under:

“OM27462CDKP: NFC Controller development kit”

Interesting, under one the Readme’s:

PN7462AU_LPCVCOM        ==>  Defaykt Firmware for PN7462AU (LPC, VCOM Based)
LPC_Ex_Host_App         ==>  Example LPC 1769 firmware for Sample HIF+MIF Example
PN7462AU_lpc17xx_lib    ==>  Common LPC1769 Libraries
CMSISv2p00_LPC17xx      ==>  CMSIS Library for LPC17xx family
VCOM                    ==>  PC VCOM Driver

It looks like the PN7462 shares more IP with the LPC17xx family then LPC11u14…


Thank you @RobertCNelson for your reply, but this is the same library I’m using now. The VCOM port example is working fine but there is no example for USB keyboard and the porting from other library failed.