USB3 adaptor

I am looking for
USB3 type A female to type A female free hanging adaptor.
USB3 type A female to type B female free hanging adaptor.
I have found only USB2 products like this 45-1412

Hello DannyG - welcome to the Forum Community. I did find one USB 3.0 Type A female to Type A female: 281-1487920000-ND but I did not find that we offer a USB 3.0 A female to B female.

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Thanks for the answer.
Please note that the description does not mention USB3.
I think you should add categories USB3 andUSB2, not general USB…

You’re right, it is not mentioned on our website, but the information is in the datasheet which is linked on the Product Detail Page. Thank you for the suggestion of adding categories USB3 and USB2, not general USB. I will mention this suggestion to our Product Information Group.

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