Users Can Now Customize Scheme-it's Graphical Symbols

When searching Scheme-it for a symbol to use in your next project, you may have come across the search filter for “Graphical symbols only”

Scheme-it has over 350 high quality graphical symbols covering many of the most popular development boards and single board computers.

A recent update has added the ability for a user to customize any of the available graphical symbols using Scheme-it’s symbol editor. Simply right click on the symbol and click “Edit with Symbol Editor” - or select the symbol and use the shortcut “F2”.

Once in the editor, it’s easy to make any desired changes to the symbol. From adding more pin names and labels or moving the pins to adding text, or just custom details that can be used to better represent your project.

After the edits are complete, just Save As and head back to the main Scheme-it canvas to find the new custom symbol under User Library > My Custom Symbols 2.0