How do i share my custom symbols with other user accounts

I have created some custom symbols that users need to use in their design, but how do i share custom symbols?


Take a look at this link, it should help.

@cwing -. What are the names of you custom symbols?

I have 32 custom symbols. But if shared to another user account, they cant edit it or save it as a custom symbol, only can be saves as a project.

@cwing Scheme-it currently does not have the ability to share custom symbols for another user to add to their library. The only method that allows another user to get your symbols is to share a project which includes the symbol, but these can only be used within the schematic.

We are looking into this as a possible feature in the future. If you have specific symbols that cannot be found in our library and you would like to request that they be added to our library please let us know here in the TechForum or send the project name and symbol name using the feedback section in the help menu in the application.