Pin numbers?


It would be great if you could enter and display pin numbers in Scheme-it. At the moment the schematic feels a bit incomplete to me, even though I’m not expecting to make a PCB from it yet.


You can insert a text box for the pin #'s
Or go to "design attributes on the right hand side to label your part.


Hi Rhonda, you’re right, but that doesn’t actually go with the pins. So for example, if I move the component around or copy it, the pin numbers don’t move or get copied.


You can create a custom symbol and add the pins that way. then you can move the pins with the symbol.


I have tried creating a custom symbol and then adding pins to it. And then adding text boxes for the part numbers.
But when I move the custom symbol, the part number text boxes don’t move.
Is there some way to save the new custom symbol as a whole thing?



So when you create the custom symbol, you can add pins to the top, bottom, left, and right. If you add a text box to type a part number in, it will randomly come up on your schematic. You can click on the text box and move it to wherever you desire. If you want to move your custom symbol and the text box collectively, all you need to do is click on the schematic and drag over all the parts that you want to move and unclick. You can confirm that this worked by noticing that all the parts and text boxes will be highlighted in green. Once you do that you can click and drag the components to anywhere you want on your schematic.

If you want to save the “whole thing” all you need to do is click the save as button on the top tool bar. If you want to copy the part so you can paste it in a new schematic you can click and drag over the parts and text boxes you want .Remember, you can tell this worked by all of them highlighting in green. After that, you can just right click and select copy then paste.

I do hope this helps and please feel free to contact us at anytime. If you have more questions take a look at our Scheme-It section of our forum. Here is a link to it.