Assign or edit Values, Names, and Part Numbers for symbols


Q) I want to know how to give values to my parts?

A) Click on the symbol you want to define. Then click on “Part Properties” on the right sidebar. From there enter the part name and value. Make sure to select the box next to the value or name, otherwise it will not show on the schematic.

  1. Click on the part and go to Part Properties
  2. Click on the check box to show the values/name you create.

Q) I need to add in the actual resistor values and voltages, can you help?

A) Click on insert and then the text box, then you can add the values above the part. Or go to the Properties tab (as shown above) on the right and enter the values. Be sure to click on the part first.

Q) How to change or edit the name of component selected?

A) This will be the same process as listed above. Click in the part properties you can change the name of the part.

Q) Is there a way to create a name for premade symbols?

A) You use the same process to change the name on premade symbols as well.

Q) I’m trying to label individual circuit lines.

A) There is not an option to label a line, you will need to insert a text box and drop the text box next to the line you wish to label. You can also go to Diagram Symbols, to Basic Shapes, and select label. This makes a text box directly.