Creating and Editing Text in Scheme-it


Q) How do I add a text box to my schematic design?

A) Click “insert” on the top menu bar, and then select “text box” and it will appear on your screen.

Q) How do I change size of text / font?

A) After you click on the text box or symbol, then in the upper right of the screen, the Font Properties will appear. Under [Basic style] are the options for font size, which are the box’s labeled “Tt and tT”. “Tt” will make the font smaller each time you click “Tt”. To make the font larger, click “tT”, this will make the font size larger each time you click “tT”.

Click on the textbox and go to Font Properties on the right
Click on the TT on the right and your text will get Bigger

Q) I’m unable to create text that is vertical rather than horizontal, is there a way to do it?

A) No option for vertical text in Scheme-It. Possible option would be to create a text box by clicking [Insert] on the top task bar and selecting [Textbox]. Press and hold [Shift], and while holding [Shift], press [Enter] to make it drop down to the next line.

Click Insert on the task bar
Click Textbox
Press and hold Shift then press Enter

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