Copy and Move parts in Scheme-it

Q) Can I copy a part on my schematic?

A) Right click on the part select copy, then paste. You may also hold ctrl + C.

Q) How do I copy something on page 1 and paste it on page 2?

A) Copy what you want, then click the plus sign on the bottom of page one, then paste on page 2.

Q) I would like to move the text items around a component.

A) You can click on the part number that comes up, once you click on it, a green box should appear around the label, and now drag the part and move it to your desired location.

Q) How do I move multiple components?

A) Click and drag over the parts to highlight them. From there you can click and drag the components you highlighted.

  1. Click and drag over all the components and unclick.
  2. Click on the highlighted area
  3. You can then drag them anywhere on your schematic
  4. Unclick and the selected are should stay in the new position.