Share your Scheme-it Project


How do I share a schematic?
On the top task bar, select [Share]. Then save your project. Once you have saved the project, click on [Share] again on the task bar. From here you can select this project to be public or private, also note the options available to send a link directly to someone or send it via email, then click [Close].



When I share a link to the schematic I’ve made, it has to be public. Does this mean that anyone can see my schematic, is there a possibility for me to share my schematic?

Only people with the link can view the schematic you created. You can use the share option on the top menu bar. Once you select it you can email another person the link directly so they can access it at a later time.

If it is a private schematic, can it still be viewed by others?
Yes, if you send them the link.

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